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We are back home in beautiful Northern Michigan and already our 62 day road trip seems like a dream. It was an amazing adventure full of plenty of road trip shenanigans. And, proof once again that travel and road trips really are good for your soul. Here’s a little recap of our latest adventure and lessons we learned along the way!


Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography
  • 7,766 Miles Driven
  • 13 states
  • 6 tunnels
  • 4 time zones
  • 10 National Parks/Monuments
  • 1 fender bender
  • 1 beer (it was made by Monk’s so we had to try it!)
  • Cathy walked 489955 steps (232 miles)
  • Most in one day 26,843 steps (13 miles)
  • Bill walked 639456 – hmmm

Southwest Trip Winter 2019 on Roadtrippers

Definition of a Road Trip

A road trip is a long car ride with friends/family that includes plenty of rest stops, potty breaks, podcasts, and junk food. Being on the road gives you a fresh perspective. It will take you out of your bubble and open your eyes to new possibilities.

Take time to smell the roses

The best part of a road trip is not always arriving at your destination, but the fun and adventure you have along the way. Instead of driving the interstate and striving to get from one location to the next, consider taking the side roads. Slow down, take time to stop, smell the roses, soak it in.

There’s a reason why people enjoy trips on the old Route 66. Before the fast highways, a road trip involved a slower pace. And, one of the best parts were the stops in small towns along the way. Taking time to connect with a place, meet the people, and saw how other people live can be some of the best memories of your trip. Often it’s the little things along the way that you will remember the most.

Hatch, New Mexico

Eat Healthy (at least most of the time)

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Eat healthy as much as possible. Being able to cook at our Airbnb’s was very helpful. And we found a couple of awesome and healthy restaurant choices along the way. Two of our favorites: Peace Tree Cafe in Moab and Chocola Tree in Sedona.

But still be sure to say yes to ice cream and desert – after all you’re going to hike it off ?

Get in a good workout

Take time to talk to the animals

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Slow down and let the turkeys, cows, sheep and wild horses have the right of way.

Try at least one thing that scares you a little.

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Take things in stride

If you slide down an icy mountain road and into a snowbank be thankful it wasn’t worse and grateful for the kind strangers who came to your rescue.

Take Naps as Needed

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Be silly, embrace your inner child, do what’s good for your soul, and laugh – a lot!

Reconnect with your significant other

It’s not the journey, It’s who you’re traveling with.

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Make new friends

Meet up with old friends

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Breathe in awe as you watch a Golden eagle or red-tailed hawk soar high above you in the sky.

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Watch the sun rise

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Watch the sun set

Tips & Lessons Learned

  • Don’t try to do too much – spend more time in one place
  • Driving 20 hours in 2 days is insane – our brains and bodies are no longer equipped to handle those long days.
  • Get a National Park Pass!!! An annual pass will cost you $80. Our senior pass cost $10 (currently a lifetime pass is $80). We calculate we would have spent a total of $205 in entrance fees to the 10 parks we visited. Total savings $195!

Pack Light ??

Traverse City Photographer/Cathy Fitz Photography

Most of all – just go – just do it! Take some time to get away. It’s really is good for your soul and you will return home refreshed and renewed.

What’s your favorite travel experience?

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