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Do you offer albums?

Absolutely! I'm a huge advocate of print and albums and encourage every couple to preserve the photos they receive into an album or prints! I offer high quality lay flat albums custom designed to tell a story of your entire wedding day!

DO you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! We love to travel! Just ask for information on travel rates. Also, be sure to check out our travel schedule on the bottom of this page!

How do you deliver our photos?

I deliver all sessions and weddings in an online gallery where you can download all of your high res edited images! I also offer high quality prints and albums that are built to last generations!

How many images do you deliver?

Every session and wedding is different. Engagement & Family sessions usually yield 75-100 images and weddings, 500-1200.

How do we reserve you for our special day?

It’s super easy! We just take a 25% retainer and a photography agreement!

I Love to Travel!

Where I'm Headed

Let me know if you'll be there too and we can set up a shoot!



January: Oregon & Michigan

February: Michigan, Missouri & Texas

March: New Mexico & Arizona

April: San Diego, Joshua Tree, Nevada & Utah

May: Utah, Colorado & Michigan

June-August: Michigan

September: Michigan & Missouri

October-December: Michigan



Morocco, Spain & Portugal – dates to be determined


This travel schedule is based on current bookings + my own adventures. I'm always updating it as new trips arise so check back often! And when I'm not traveling you can find me in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan

I look forward to connecting with you!




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