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Wedding in Michigan Legacy Art Park at Crystal Mountain

The Fall Equinox was the ideal day for Heather & Matt to begin this new season of their lives together. Heather, a designer and Matt, a gardener are a laid-back outdoorsy couple and it was reflected in every detail of their small, intimate wedding in Michigan Legacy Art Park at Crystal Mountain. It fit them perfectly, just they way they designed it! Matt was blown away when he got a first look of his bride – she looked amazing! After a few photos on the beautiful grounds of Crystal Mountain Resort, the couple took a golf cart ride up the hill to tuck away for their ceremony. The sun peeked through the tall trees as family and friends gathered for the cozy ceremony officiated by their friend Lara Ruddy. No detail was overlooked from the beautiful arbor they built with the help of family to the basket of blankets for guests to sit on. They even had a unique way of exchanging their rings. Their mother’s passed the rings through family and friends from the back to the front of the amphitheater. Once they got past a little hiccup to get it started, the rings went straight down the ribbon. Awesome idea! After […]

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Lindsay + Ron | Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course Wedding

The sun sparkled on Lake Michigan as a soft breeze carried the sounds of the bag pipes across the lawn during Lindsay & Ron’s Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course Wedding. It was the ideal location for this sweet couple who fell in love enjoying time together on the golf course. Their small, intimate wedding was perfect with panoramic views and family by their side. Congratulations Lindsay & Ron. I wish you all the best as you begin life’s journey together – golfing, traveling, and enjoying many years of happiness! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

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Anna and Jeremy’s Love Story | Traverse City Michigan Wedding

Anna + Jeremy’s Love Story This is the love story of Anna, a beautiful girl from Missouri who travels to Las Vegas on a girls trip. While hanging at the pool she meets Jeremy, a handsome boy from Michigan who just happens to be in Vegas for a friends bachelor party. This is Anna + Jeremy’s love story. You don’t expect to meet your soul mate in Las Vegas, but that’s exactly what happened for Anna and Jeremy. Over the next two years they not only fell in love but became best friends, realizing they truly are soul mates who met in a unique and special way. Anna & Jeremy’s destination wedding to Traverse City was perfect. In Anna’s words: “It’s hard to even find words to describe how loved we felt during the whole weekend. We had our closest friends and family in our favorite place on earth for four whole days, perfect weather, the most fun bridal party and groomsmen we could have ever asked for. The wedding itself was like a dream. The way I felt walking down the aisle toward Jeremy was like stepping into a fairy tale. The look on his face when he saw […]

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Javar + Tanish | She Said Yes!

How does Javar end a winery tour at Chateau Chantel? With a proposal to his girl Tanish of course! It was a blast being “in on” the secret with Javar, following them during the wine cellar tour. And the best part – She said yes! Tanish did not seem suspicious at all as I explained I was doing some promotional photos for the winery. Luckily she agreed I explained I would love to include them in a few shots along the “tour”. By the time we finished “touring” the wine cellar, I felt such a connection to these two beautiful spirits, I could hardly wait for the big moment. Javar was so calm – you’d never know his plan for the day. It took a few moments for everything to sink in when Tanish first saw the table set up with a special bottle of wine and flowers. I cried right along with friends and family as Javar announced his intentions before getting down on one knee. Even though I just met this sweet couple, I got a wonderful glimpse into their fun loving personalities as Javar first presented Tanish with a gag ring. Of course, Javar really did come through with a beautiful engagement […]

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Matt + Heather (+Murphy) | Getting Married

There’s a saying in my home state of Missouri – “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes”. In Michigan I think it changes even more quickly. We woke the morning of this shoot to a wet, dreary day with overcast skies and even a slight touch of snow. After deciding to reschedule based on the forecast in a couple of days, the sun came out and it was gorgeous! Luckily, Matt and Heather were flexible and we met at Hickory Hills just in time to soak up a beautiful afternoon. Murphy, a Wheaten Terrier, was the sweetest, most patient, lovable model – just couldn’t get enough of him! They really should rent him out for photo shoots! Congratulations Heather & Matt (& Murphy)!

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Traverse City Michigan Wedding Photography

When I left Missouri to start traveling a couple of years ago, I’d never heard of Traverse City, Michigan. How lucky to have found such a beautiful place to live and work! Now that I’ve settled into the area, it’s exciting to include portrait and wedding photography into my summer plans. Thanks to Siri Salonen for letting me tag along as a second shooter for Lauren & Brian’s wedding back in October!           If you are planning a wedding in the Traverse City, Michigan area, I’d love to talk with you about capturing images of your special day. Click here to view more of my wedding photography.

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