Traveling – Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Traveling from our home in Traverse City, Michigan by plane is not always easy in the winter. Last year we were delayed three days with separate trips to the airport before finally hanging out over 6 hours and even sitting on the runway unsure if the flight would go (it did!) and we made it to Chicago near midnight. Of course, by that time we had missed our connection and had to spend the night before catching another flight, but at least we were on our way. Looking for cheaper, easier, alternative modes of transportation on our recent trip traveling out west, we tossed around several ideas before deciding to literally go the route of planes, trains, automobiles, and busses. The first leg started with a cab ride to the bus station, and a bus from Traverse City to Lansing, Michigan. Overall the ride was great – aside from a couple who had to be removed from the bus halfway there – interesting characters to say the least. After a lovey evening visiting with family near Lansing, we headed to the train station the next morning. A long, but relaxing 10 hours later Amtrak arrived in St. Louis, Missouri with nice views traveling through the midwest countryside along […]

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Turn Your Travel Dreams Into Reality

What is your Dream? Step one is to think, daydream, about what you really want to do. What is your vision for travel or your future dreams? Maybe start a wish list. It’s sort of like a bucket list, but somehow wish list sounds better. iWish is a fun app to get you started. Think about what makes your heart sing, brings you happiness, brings joy and excitement to your day. Maybe your dream isn’t even travel related – whatever it is – if you dream, and believe it, you can make it happen.  “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”  ~ Vincent van Gogh Develop a Plan Downsize/Simplify – the less we need to worry about taking care of in our daily lives, the more time we have to play.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting more things, but does it bring you happiness or are you weighed down by debt and too many things to take care of? When you let go of the trappings of material possessions, you make room for new aspects of your life. Get brutal – once you start to simplify and clear the clutter it feels like a weight is lifted. Even […]

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Travel Tips | How (not) to Pack

I’m still a long ways from mastering the art of packing light, but with each trip I learn a little more. It took a while to accept the fact that I really don’t need to pack a different pair of shoes and jewelry for each outfit along with more outfits than days I’ll be gone “just in case”. Just in case what? Like I wouldn’t have anything to wear? Oh, and that’s not all, I even considered taking along my skinny clothes because I was going to be gone hiking for weeks and figured I’d finally be able to wear them. Yes, it’s true, and now I’m giving packing advice ;). At this point I probably know more about how not to pack, but with each trip my packing skills are improving. What I know for sure – after lugging huge suitcases around Ecuador, Florida, Switzerland, and Ireland – downsizing is the key! One of the first things I’ve come to realize is to research the weather at my destination. With all the avenues online it’s easy to get at least an idea of what type clothing you’ll need. So why did I take so many t-shirts, sundresses, and shorts to Switzerland & Ireland? Hmmm…. Pack […]

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How I Got To Washington DC On My Way to Fort Lee, VA

Don’t get me wrong – overall it was an amazing trip – and financially I actually did really well. However it was a little crazy but I had made up my mind to go with the flow no matter what happened. I checked in 24 hours in advance and was feeling very confident about the trip ahead. The night prior to my 7 am flight I had a special girls/spa night with my two granddaughters. By the time we had food and I got back to my place it was 10 pm. Not bad, however I still had about 30 minutes of photography business to take care of and needed to finish packing. By 11:30 I was pretty much ready to go when I got this text message – YOUR FLIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELLED – go to to rebook your flight. After a few deep breaths, and failed attempts to change it online, I called Southwest and got my flight changed – from 7 am to 6 am – time for some fast sleep! Next incident – I fell into a deep sleep without much trouble and just happened to wake up and check my phone. YIKES  –  it […]

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