South America | Argentina to Uruguay

On this morning we are crossing the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires Argentina to Colonia Uruguay. This river is a combination of the Uruguay River and the Parana River. It separates the borders of Argentina and Uruguay and opens to the Atlantic Ocean. It took about one hour for our ferry (Buquebus) to cross to Colonia. We were greeted when we arrived in Uruguay by the family that would be hosting us with for the week. They took us into the old part of Colonia so I could take pictures. This place was amazing – I could have stayed there and taken photographs all day. Colonia del Sacramento was the only Portuguese settlement along the Rio de la Plata and was founded in 1680. For years it operated as a contraband port, evading the strictures imposed on trade by the Spanish crown. Today it is a resort city, a port, and the trade center for a rich agricultural region. I wish this area was close enough for photo shoots! From here we had to drive a little over an hour to the ranch where we would be staying for the week. We stopped in a little town along […]

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