Nicaragua | Compassion International

“The presence of dignity doesn’t mean poverty is absent.” This sentence truly hits me in the heart of what I witnessed last week on my trip with the Compassion International Sponsorship Tour to Nicaragua. My first impressions were more distant – seeing the homes and destitute situations from our air-conditioned bus; attending worship services at Be Tania Baptist Church in Ciudad Sandino; even the visit to the project in Hilario Sanchez where the children greeted us with smiles, laughter, and a beautiful program of music and dance. None of this prepared me for the heartbreak I felt after walking down a dirt road to visit a rural family home. What I saw up until that point were beautiful faces, kind hearts, people who are proud of their country Nicaragua, who take pride in themselves and their children. We were welcomed with open arms, smiling, shiny clean faces, handmade gifts, and love. This somehow did not prepare me for the true poverty these people face in their every day lives.       The family we visited in the rural neighborhood of Hilario Sanchez lives in the small wooden structure pictured below. There was a bed in one corner for the parents, another […]

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